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Welcome to Jackson – that’s Jackson Tennessee, shining like a beacon on America’s Main Street. Jackson is the regional center for healthcare, retail, arts, and entertainment that connects a population of over half a million people. 

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Some people still like to call Jackson the "hub city" because of our central location and transportation system that connects West Tennessee to the world. But today we are connected by more than roads, rail, river and runways; we connect people and businesses at the speed of light with a fiber optic network to the home. Jackson stands out among communities for successfully attracting major corporations that make and distribute products known worldwide. Entrepreneurs and small businesses find Jackson to be a great place to start-up and grow. That’s because it’s easy to do business here. In Jackson you can get connected to electricity, Internet, telecommunications, natural gas and water with just one call Jackson connects you to success.

People visiting Jackson find there is a lot to like. When Country connected to the Blues in Jackson the sound was heard around the world. Jackson is where baseball players, beauty queens, heroes, and legends are all connected. Jackson offers great places to stay, great places to eat, great places to shop, fun things to do, and interesting things to learn.

When people come to Jackson for sports, or for a conference or convention, they find we offer something for the whole family. And Jackson’s friendly people and warm hospitality make us the perfect home base as you explore the rest of Tennessee and Mid-South

Jackson – it’s not just one attraction – it’s a whole package, where the region’s history, music, arts and entertainment connect. 

And there are so many facets to living in Jackson.  Jackson is a college and university city attracting students from across the country to seven colleges and a technology center.  When you earn your degree In Jackson, the connections will last a lifetime. Madison County and the State of Tennessee are at the forefront of education innovation, winning funds from the national Race to the Top Initiative.

Jacksonians are generous people who support a wide range of services.  Charitable events and civic functions are central to the way we live. You can make a difference in Jackson right away because it is easy to connect to leadership – even the mayors and elected officials to friends, to the outdoors, and to activities you will love Jackson is looking ahead as a sustainable city with renewable energy and a growing focus on wellness.  Jackson is an established regional medical center with hundreds of doctors, specialized treatment centers and state of the art diagnostics and robotics. Jackson Madison County General Hospital is named among the top ten not-for-profit hospitals in the country.

The variety of arts, theater and music may surprise you – but Jackson has a long history as the entertainment center of West Tennessee, and the growing number of students and professionals keep it vibrant. As you would expect in a city with this many facets, Jackson offers a pleasing variety of neighborhoods, churches and religious activities, and many places to relax and get away – or to get some fresh air and exercise. People who’ve moved to Jackson tell us that once you live here you’ll always want to stay. 

So welcome to Jackson -  You’ll Connect Here!