Note from Dr. Verna Ruffin on Vision 20/20

By: Dr. Verna Ruffin on Oct 12, 2015

Vision 2020 talks continue this week. Please join us on Tuesday, October 13th at 6:00 p.m. in the Jack Morris Ballroom at the University of Memphis at Lambuth for a special-called Board meeting with a focus on Vision 2020. Eric Bosman of Kimley-Horn will be discussing the public feedback received in September, both from public meetings and through the Vision 2020 website, before providing some revisions to the alternatives presented last month. We encourage you to come, listen and be active participants in the Vision 2020 process for the good of JMCSS students.

“It is gratifying to see parents, community members and neighborhoods showing a strong interest in education. We want to embrace this energy and keep everyone involved in moving us toward an up-to-date education system for Madison County. We aspire to educate our students in a way that prepares them to excel in the rapidly unfolding high-tech world. We need you now, and we need you for the future, to provide support to our students, our teachers and our district. The Vision 2020 process is creating opportunities to engage. We urge you to seek the very best outcomes for our students. Let's unite in a common goal of educational excellence for all of Madison County.”

Verna D. Ruffin, Ed. D.


Jackson-Madison County Schools

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