FMY Orthodontics spreads smiles across West Tennessee

By: on Sep 07, 2016

Chip Trammell, DDS, MDS talks to a patient about her progress.

Dan Merwin, DDS, MS checks records on a patient. 

 FMY Orthodontics has been serving Jackson and the entire West Tennessee area since 1964 as a full-service orthodontic practice. 

 FMY provides a wide selection of orthodontic services including comprehensive orthodontic treatment, early interceptive treatment and TMJ treatment.  The practice strives to provide the most effective and efficient treatment customized for the needs of each individual patient, said Preston Miller, DDS, MDS.

“The staff in our office is like a family,” Miller said. “Some have been here for over 35 years, but regardless of how long it has been, each one of our staff members strives to give patients the best treatment possible.”
Practicing with Miller are Dan Merwin, DDS, MS; Carol McCraw, DMD, MS; Eric Buchner, DMD; and ChipTrammell, DDS, MDS.

The practice takes pride in using the most innovative technology in the office, including the most up-to-date digital imaging technology, which insures the most precise diagnosis possible, Miller explained.

Miller said his favorite part of working with the patients is seeing the remarkable progress that can be made over a span of time. 

“One of the best things about orthodontics is that patients are able to see the problem as it’s being corrected,” Miller said. “They get to be such a large part of the process because they get to watch everything cometogether. It’s a great feeling to see a patient get excited when they see their teeth straightened, their smile improved and know that a problem has been solved.”

Besides its office in Jackson, FMY has offices in Dyersburg, Henderson, Martin and Paris. Miller said his wish for the practice is to watch it continue to grow over the years, as it stays updated with the most efficient treatments and the best customer service possible. 

“It’s a privilege for me to serve the Jackson community through FMY,” Miller said. “This community is so friendly. People are kind, patient and easy to work with. Because the Chamber of Commerce has helped to make Jackson a better and more attractive place, we have been able to expand and maximize the number of patients we can serve.”

    FMY Orthodontics is at 190 Murray Guard Drive. Hours are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday. For more information, visit or call 731-668-8922.

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