Students in Coding Academy Recognized for Excellence

By: Megan Seals, Communications Coordinator on Apr 02, 2014

Students in Coding Academy Recognized for Excellence

More than 70 regional leaders gathered today at the Jackson Chamber to learn more about the “CO:de Academy,” and to recognize the top performing students in the program.  Jackson has moved to the forefront among communities who recognize the importance of integrating a coding into the public school curriculum.   

“CO:de Academy” is an extracurricular activity, in which Jackson-Madison County School System students learn various aspects of computer programming, including website design and development, mobile app development, database programming and user experience. Students in the academy are increasing their competency in one of the most aggressively growing technology related fields.

The top six performing students recognized will receive a trip to San Francisco, California to visit Google Headquarters, and they will also have an opportunity to meet with other web developers. Vickie Deloach, a teacher at Madison Academic High School, had the most top performing students in the program and will also be making the trip to San Francisco. The top six students that were recognized are: 

  • Alyssa Gowan, Madison Academic Magnet High School
  • Steven Prescott, Madison Academic Magnet High School
  • Ashkan Neshagaran, Madison Academic Magnet High School
  • Ryan Butler, Liberty Technology Magnet High School
  • Kerry Reid, Liberty Technology Magnet High School
  • Austin Sun, Madison Academic Magnet High School

The CO:de Academy program utilizes Treehouse, an interactive, online learning experience which allows students to learn to code at any level, and at their own pace. Through video tutorials, quizzes and coding challenges created by expert teachers, students learn to code in languages like Objective-C, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL and more.

"Treehouse is all about bringing affordable technology education to people everywhere to help them achieve their dreams and change the world, and empowering students to code is a huge part of that,” said Ryan Carson, Co-Founder & CEO of Treehouse.

About eighty students signed up for the club in four of the five high schools in the Jackson-Madison County School District. Participating high schools in the school system are: Liberty Technology Magnet, Madison Academic  Magnet, North Side and South Side.

Jackson-Madison County Superintendent Dr. Verna Ruffin says administrators are thrilled with the results of the CO:de Academy program. “The excitement expressed by our students participating in the Coding program has been refreshing,” she says.

After a successful start, school administrators are now seeking to make the extracurricular CO:de Academy a full course in the next school year. 

“I am reminded of the quote by Leonardo DaVinci that learning never exhausts the mind,” Ruffin said. “If you could see the students’ engagement, then you could appreciate this quote.  They were not exhausted.”

For more information about Treehouse, visit its website online at  

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