West Tennessee Healthcare CFO focused on community

By: Jackson Chamber on Jul 15, 2015

Making Jackson a better place to live isn’t just a motto for Jeff Blankenship; it is a personal commitment to making a better life for his sons. 
As the CFO of the largest employer in West Tennessee, Blankenship and West Tennessee Healthcare have a commitment to the community and a vested interest in the success of Jackson. 
Originally from Trenton, Blankenship began working at West Tennessee Healthcare as an intern while attending Union University. After working for several years at FedEx, Blankenship came back to West Tennessee Healthcare as Controller.
As the CFO of West Tennessee Healthcare, he oversees the finances, accounting, and strategic and business development of the company. In his free time, he and his wife, Lora, travel and spend time with their two sons.
“I work a lot, but I love to spend every spare minute with my family,” said Blankenship. 
Blankenship has been serving on the Jackson Chamber board for about a year and has worked closely with other large businesses to encourage industrial and economic development. It is a position that allows him to be connected with the strategic plans that, not only, bring new business to Jackson, but also, aid the businesses that are already here. 
“The Jackson Chamber has made the connection that the better the community we are, the more industrial and economic development we will have,” said Blankenship. 
    As the CFO of West Tennessee Healthcare, Blankenship says that the health and wellness of the community has become a very significant topic for him. 
    Several years ago, the Jackson Chamber made a concerted effort to focus on health and wellness, said Blankenship. West Tennessee Healthcare has participated in the initiative by sponsoring the West Tennessee Healthcare Health and Wellness award at Jackson Chamber’s Annual Celebration. The award recognizes businesses that have made the health of their employees a priority by offering health fairs, on-site walking trails, break times for stretching and exercising and other healthy changes. 
    West Tennessee Healthcare is also a Partner-In-Education and has received the Jackson Chamber’s Golden Apple Award in 2015 for their work with Tigrett Middle School.
Working with both West Tennessee Healthcare and the Jackson Chamber has allowed Blankenship to invest in a healthy community to create a better place to raise his family.
“I give the chamber so much credit for raising awareness and working alongside the city and county mayors and businesses to ensure that the health of our community is not neglected,” said Blankenship. “Having a chamber that is committed to health is uncommon, but it is in line with the Jackson Chamber’s commitment to improving the whole community.”

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