‘The education of Jackson’s young people affects everyone’

By: on Jul 30, 2015

Jim Campbell, Jackson Chamber board chairman, is CEO of H&M Construction Co., a mid-sized engineering and construction service company located in Jackson.

   “H&M’s team does a terrific job of building long-term relationships with its clients and guiding their construction projects throughout the United States,” said Campbell.

   Campbell earned his undergraduate degree in political science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, his master’s in international relations at the University of Hawaii and his MBA from Pepperdine University.

   Campbell served seven years in the army and military intelligence divisions before moving back to Jackson in 1979.


 “My wife, Mona, and I enjoyed traveling while I was in the army, but it also made us appreciate what a unique community wehave here in Jackson,” said Campbell.

   Besides the Chamber board, Campbell also serves on the board of BancorpSouth Inc. and was elected to the Jackson-Madison County School Board.

   Raising his family in Jackson, Campbell is passionate about the community and projects that improve the quality of life in Jackson.

   “I have served on the Jackson Chamber board several different times, and I am always impressed with the continued impact that our Chamber has on our community,” he said.

   Campbell was excited to see the Jackson Chamber become more actively involved in the education system.

   “The Jackson Chamber has alerted the entire community to the need to invest and engage with Jackson’s public education system.

   “Whether you have children in the school system or not, the education of Jackson’s young people affects everyone,” said Campbell. “I credit Kyle and his team for bringing that to everyone’s attention.”

   Campbell and H&M have been involved with the Jackson Chamber as a Partner-In-Education and as an investor in various campaigns. As one of the largest industries in West Tennessee, H&M has also been an instrumental player with the Jackson Chamber in recruiting new industries to the area.

   Working with new industries gives Jackson the unique opportunity to see the community through the eyes of outsiders, said Campbell. It is an opportunity to see both Jackson’s strengths and opportunities to improve.

   “I feel strongly that the Jackson Chamber has made a huge impact on the Jackson community and industrial development, said Campbell. “We are excited about the future of Jackson and the structural issues of the community that are being addressed.”

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