‘Jackson has been extremely good to us, and we want to give back’

By: Jackson Chamber on Aug 05, 2015

Stephen Eldridge never thought that he would be a public accountant, but after working as an intern at Alexander Thompson Arnold PLLC (ATA) while he was in college, he changed his mind.

“I loved the work that I was doing, as well as the culture and the people that I was working with,” said Eldridge. 

After 16 years of service at ATA, Eldridge is now a partner. Eldridge graduated from Union University with two degrees in finance and accounting. While he provides accounting and auditing services to a variety of businesses, he has the most experience working with healthcare practices and utility systems.

Several years ago, Eldridge participated in Leadership Jackson to become more connected to the community and to build relationships with other business leaders. ATA sends many of its employees to Leadership Jackson and participates in various Jackson Chamber programs, as well as giving financial contributions to Jackson Chamber campaigns. 

ATA’s relationship with the Jackson Chamber has been an integral part to being connected with the community, said Eldridge, who is on the Jackson Chamber board of directors.

“It’s a great investment to contribute to the Jackson Chamber, because Jackson has been extremely good to us, and we want to give back. The Jackson Chamber encourages economic growth, which is better for everyone in the community.” 

“I have always been impressed with the cohesiveness at the Jackson Chamber,” said Eldridge. “They have a great team of strong individuals who work together.”

Eldridge also serves on the industrial development board for the City of Jackson. Other cities have commented on Jackson’s ability to get things done. Eldridge attributes Jackson’s success to the unified vision and character of its leadership, including the city, county, chamber and other organizations.

“Team Madison County is an unselfish group that only cares about what is best for Jackson/Madison County as a whole,” said Eldridge. “The goal is always to bring more jobs and create a better Jackson.”

Eldridge, his parents and his grandparents have lived in Jackson their whole lives. Eldridge’s wife, Lolly, is an obstetrician/gynecologist at the Jackson Clinic. They have two daughters, 7-year-old Madeline and 4-year-old Emily.

“I was born and raised in Jackson, and I chose to stay and raise a family here because of the positive impact that Jackson has had on my family’s life,” said Eldridge. 

“I had a great education at USJ and Union, I have a great community here in Jackson, and there is nowhere else I would rather raise my little girls.”

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