Vision 20/20's potential reallocation of resources

By: on Sep 23, 2015

Vision 20/20's public meetings have been held all week. Information on the potential reallocation of resources is listed below. If you would like to give your opinion, click here to fill out the form online. 


Instructional Enhancements

  1. Elementary Academic Academy
  2. Transition Academy for special needs students
  3. Elementary Alternative Program
  4. Expanded Pre-K Program
  5. Odyssey curriculum and instruction materials
  6. Curriculum Portal
  7. Implement technology plan for teaching and learning

Increased Teacher/Staff Support

  1. Professional Development Center
  2. Salary adjustments for teachers and staff
  3. Differentiated pay
  4. Extended learning times
  5. Fully staffed curriculum and instruction department
  6. Increased coaching stipends

Improved Infrastructure And Facilities

  1. Necessary building repairs and enhancements
  2. Safety improvements
  3. Fine arts facilities and programs
  4. Athletics facilities
  5. Implement bus replacement plan

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