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Local residents have the ability to choose from a variety of telecommunications providers in the area which utilize a 100% fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet network that reaches all homes and businesses with the city of Jackson.  Cable television, high speed internet and long-distance phone service are all offered locally.

The network design in Jackson is virtually “future proof” to technology changes.  The fiber network is simply a signal pathway that has unlimited capacity to handle any future bandwidth demands.  It does not contain electronic components that can become obsolete.

Bandwidths of up to 100 Mbps are offered to residential and commercial customers.  This bandwidth is symmetrical (upload and download speeds are the same) and is available throughout the city.

Data storage is also available to commercial and industrial customers who wish to maintain back-up files in an off-site location.  The data storage is in the JEA Bunker which is an internationally recognized secure, safe utility operations facility.