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For a company that needs the use of a port, there are two options in West Tennessee - The International Port of Memphis and the Port of Cates Landing.

The International Port of Memphis

  • U.S. Customs collects more import duties from the Port of Memphis than most major U.S. seaports, including the port of New Orleans.
  • The International Port of Memphis is the second largest inland port on the shallow daft portion of the Mississippi and the fourth largest inland port in the U.S.
  • The largest still water harbor on Mississippi.
  • Port of Memphis handles more than 16 million tons annually.
  • The International Port of Memphis is also home to the Valero petroleum refinery, the only refinery in the State of Tennessee.

The Port of Cates Landing 

  • Loading and unloading capabilities for various raw and finished products onto and off barges.
  • The port will be accessible to barge traffic year-round with slack water access to the barge berthing area.
  • The harbor channel provides space for passage of barge traffic at the port terminal without interference with barges that are moored at the berthing area.
  • A 300 foot turn-a-round for tugboats will be provided at the southern end of the harbor.