Arrington Publishes Book as Resource for Pastors and Ministers

November 19, 2020

After winning the 2020 Pursuit of Excellence Award from The National Funeral Directors Association, Bob Arrington, president and founder of Arrington Funeral Directors (AFD), and Rev. Ron Hale, head of Ministry and Church Outreach at AFD, are pleased to announce their new book: Victory Over Death: Funeral Messages of Hope and Healing.

“In celebrating our 25th year of service, we are proud to offer this ministry tool to pastors in our
area,” said Bob Arrington.

This 176-page book is a compilation of funeral messages from local church pastors and ministers, as well as spiritual leaders like Dr. Adrian Rogers, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, and Dr. Logan Hampton.

The first three chapters contain practical information written by Bob Arrington, Rev. Hale, and Joseph Lane, licensed Funeral Director and Certified Crematory Operator with AFD. Topics include how individuals deal with death, grief, and healing; a step-by-step guide on working with families and the Funeral Director as a pastor; and other specific advice aimed at pastors. The end of the book contains a guide on conducting committal services and leading “Remembrance Services.”

The goal of this book is to serve as a ministry tool for pastors to better serve grieving families,
whether they are younger and newer to ministry or longtime pastors who would benefit from new inspiration. And with more lay leaders asked to speak at funerals, this book will serve as a valuable resource for those who have no pastoral experience at all.

Books can be ordered through Amazon with this link.