Comfortably Clean goes the Extra Mile when Providing Services

March 24, 2021

Lakesha Smith

Lakesha Smith with her company, Comfortably Clean.

Clean, organized, beautiful – three words to describe what Comfortably Clean can do for your home life. Founded October 23, 2015, by Lakesha Smith, Comfortably Clean’s primary purpose is to assist families by simplifying the cleaning of their home. And this is no ordinary cleaning as Smith goes the extra mile, adding personal touches to accent the homes of her clients and help them be better organized.

Smith earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Organizational Development in 2016, which enhances her cleaning by adding organizational skills. She entered the workforce in 2003 and was primarily employed in the janitorial industry until 2017, working as an employee, and as an entrepreneur while she earned her degree. Her job sites included various factories and medical facilities throughout Madison County.

Organizing has always been a hobby for Lakesha. “Even as a child, I'd get super excited when it was time to put the groceries away,” says Smith. “Placing them neatly in alphabetical order was so fun! As I grew up, I noticed how much satisfaction organizing brought and implemented it into my daily routine.”

“I was motivated to start my own business because of the compliments I'd receive about my unique attention to detail,” she says. "What if I could help hardworking families feel more comfortable at home? It would be my way of feeding my passion to help my community!”

The idea of opening her own business came to her one evening in class as she decided to take on a leadership role providing her knowledge and assistance to others. “I decided in class that I would open a small cleaning business. First, I recognized my target market would primarily be busy parents who worked long hours. Next, I researched the essentials needed and acquired all the necessary documents and supplies immediately. Finally, I sought potential clients by offering fast and free estimates. I’m proud to say my very first client is still a current client five years later.“

Future plans for Comfortably Clean include expanding coverage area, adding small offices and more residential clients. Lakesha can be reached 7 days a week at 731-225-6924 from 7am-7pm. Find her business on Facebook at or under the Jackson Chamber’s member directory.

Here are a few samples of fun, inviting organization for families with children: