Foundation Announces COVID-19 Response Fund Grant

April 13, 2020

The Foundation announced its first grant from the COVID-19 Response Fund. This fund was established by the Foundation last month and is designed to provide a quick response to organizations working with those who have been impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Foundation awarded a technology grant in the amount of $3,000 to Women’s Rape and Resource Assistance (WRAP) for the purchase iPads to facilitate contact with sexual assault victims while they are in the emergency department. Due to the recent visitor restrictions surrounding the coronavirus, WRAP has not been able to provide in-person hospital accompaniment for sexual assault victims.

“Our sexual assault team has struggled with bridging the gap in services at such a crucial time for victims. Many times, our first point of contact with the victim is at the hospital, and we were concerned victims would fall through the cracks without support during this time,” said Executive Director Daryl Chansuthus. “This generous and timely grant from the Foundation allows our staff to connect with victims face-to-face allowing victims to not only hear the compassion in our voices but also be able to see the concern on our faces and hopefully feel they are not in this alone. That sense of trust can make all the difference in victims’ willingness to access the services they need to fully heal from such a fiercely personal attack.”

“We established the fund to address issues that have directly resulted from the pandemic, and WRAP’s need is a perfect example of how service delivery has changed,” said Foundation President Frank McMeen. “We are proud to offer a means of personal contact during such a critical time for victims, and we applaud WRAP for proactively thinking about how to serve their clients during this unprecedented time.”

The fund’s total donations and commitments is currently $52,709.95. Donations are still being accepted, and more grants will be awarded in the coming days. Gifts may be mailed to The Foundation at 74 Directors Row, Jackson, TN 38305 or made online at

About the COVID – 19 Response Fund:

The Foundation established the fund with an initial gift of $20,000. It will administer grants to non-profit agencies working with our most vulnerable communities in response to this crisis. These grants will address pressing issues such as:

    · Residents who have experienced job loss or significant reduction in hours
    · Residents who have lost income due to school or daycare closures
    · Residents who lack adequate benefits to cover time off
    · Residents who are food insecure
    · Residents who are housing insecure

In order to make quick responses to this crisis, The Foundation will not request formal applications for funding during this time. Instead, The Foundation will work with local leadership to identify needs and the agencies addressing those needs and to recommend grant awards. Funds will be granted to local agencies as needed during the initial and ongoing crisis periods with plans to make the first grants in the next few weeks.
Funds are limited to 501 (c)(3) agencies and are not available to individuals at this time.

About The Foundation:

The Foundation is a public, non-profit community foundation serving West Tennessee and beyond through community funds, donor advised funds, estate planning, and endowment management. Now in its third decade, the Foundation serves as a conduit for donors to put their passions into action while bettering their communities and impacting lives. The Foundation continues to serve as a catalyst for positive changes in health care, education, the arts, and other causes throughout our communities.

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