“In This Moment: Visualization of 200 Years of Jackson-Madison County History” Unveiled

October 3, 2023

In January 2022, artists from across the region submitted proposals with his or her vision to commemorate Jackson and Madison County's 200-year anniversary. After a competitive interview process, artists Lendon Noe and Caleb O’Connor were chosen to complete paintings that represent the history of Jackson and Madison County. The artists used the Bicentennial Milestones book as a resource to inspire the murals. Noe is a Jackson native where she retired as a professor of art at Lambuth University after 28 years.

“The themes she started identifying, you know, celebrating our agriculture roots, our transportation, our railroad history, our religion. Those all brought together what our community is all about and she’s doing it visually,” said Elaine Christian, the Chair of the Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial Commission.

Noe has completed 37 canvasses and mixed media exhibits that will be permanently displayed on the second floor of Jackson City Hall. Her gallery features items that emphasize the themes explored throughout the Bicentennial year-long celebration including - healthcare, transportation, education, arts, entertainment, religion, medicine and more.

"For the last 16 months I've been privileged to work on a 'Visualization of 200 years of Jackson-Madison County History,'" says Noe. "My personal focus has been to highlight what it has been like for an ordinary individual making their home here."

"In This Moment," the title of the collection, was inspired by a poem written by Debra Tayloe. The poetry of Tayloe and James Cherry helped to give a voice and provided depth to the visual images in the artwork.

"My parents came to Jackson in 1947 and built a small ranch-style house, which still stands at 513 Arlington Ave. After World War II, my father, who was originally from West Montoe, LA, drove around the south looking for the right place to start a business and raise a family. Marrying my mother and deciding on Jackson were the two best decisions that he ever made."

Noe hopes that people will get more interested in Jackson's history and learn more about it and look more into it with the realization that it really is all about community.

The "In This Moment" gallery is permanently displayed on the 2nd floor of Jackson City Hall.

To view the "In This Moment" catalog, click here.