Jackson Chamber announces Advisor for Southwest Tennessee Reconnect

January 4, 2018

Tina Shreeve

Tina Shreeve joins the Southwest Tennessee Reconnect program as college success lead advisor.

Jackson Chamber announces Tina Shreeve as college success lead advisor for the Southwest Tennessee Reconnect program. This program helps adults return to college to attain their degree and is one of Governor Haslam’s Drive to 55 programs. The offices for Southwest Tennessee Reconnect are located inside the Jackson Chamber at 197 Auditorium Street.

“Returning to school as an adult was one of the best decisions I ever made,” says Shreeve. “I am excited about my new role as the lead advisor for Southwest Tennessee Reconnect, which will allow me to help other adults achieve their educational goals.”

The Southwest Tennessee Reconnect Community (SWTRC) has a mission to reach out to and support adults locally to re-enroll and complete a postsecondary credential. Services provided to prospective adult learners will include advising, career counseling and scholarship resources. SWTRC will also act as a connecting point for local employers, local institutions of higher education and prospective adult learners, working to create awareness of the benefits of adult completion as a strategy for economic development and a source for workforce talent.

“Tennessee Reconnect will help adults enter institutions of higher learning to gain new skills, advance in the workplace, and fulfill lifelong dreams of completing a degree or credential,” said Vicki Bunch, manager of workforce development for the Jackson Chamber. “Tina has a proven background in assisting individuals with their educational needs, which is vital not only to the success of the program but important to the individuals we serve.”

Prior to her position with the Southwest Tennessee Reconnect Community, Tina worked for both secondary and post-secondary schools, including Union University and Jackson State Community College. Throughout her professional career, she has guided and advised students and their families. She is committed to help students chart and navigate their educational and professional paths.

Shreeve is married with three children.

Connect to Tina by emailing advisor@swtnreconnect.com or calling 731-439-1126.

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