Le Bonheur finds a Home in Jackson, TN

May 20, 2020

Le Bonheur child and doc

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital has a substantial presence in Jackson, TN, with a pediatric subspecialty clinic that sees more than 5,000 children per year. Le Bonheur also houses its community health programs in this office. These programs provide services to children and families throughout West Tennessee.

In 2004, Le Bonheur opened its first pediatric subspecialty clinic in rented space on Stonebridge Blvd. in Jackson. Through that work, the hospital learned that the services it was offering the children and families of West Tennessee while being closer to their homes was the right thing to do. So, as the clinic grew, the group began looking for permanent space to construct a new Le Bonheur Children’s Outpatient Center. That building opened in January 2018 at 1535 Vann Drive.

Le Bonheur enjoys the relationships it has built in the Jackson community. The staff is extremely grateful to be serving children and families right here in our community. They participate in as many community events as they can – health fairs, screenings, supporting other non-profits, chamber events, and others.

For the future, Le Bonheur plans to continue to offer more services in the Jackson area. And, it is looking forward to cultivating and growing more opportunities for children and families.

For more information go to Le Bonheur's website.