Looking For Music, September 28 Weekend

September 29, 2017

Looking for live music this weekend? Jackson and West Tennessee are home to numerous live music venues and special events over the September 28th weekend. Thanks to our friend Matt Barnacastle and the Jackson Area Music Society for sharing the weekend's live music events!

Thursday September 28th

• Olivia Faye, Libation Station (Union City), 5:30pm

• Average Joe & The Skeleton Krew, Arts in the Alley (Henderson), 6:00pm

• Jackson Plectral Society, Casey Jones Village, 6:30pm

• Open Jam, Elks Lodge 192, 7:00pm

• Steve Short & Friends, The Downtown Tavern, 7:00pm

• Johnny Mac, Blues Landing (Buchanan), 7:00pm

• Karaoke Night, West Alley BBQ, 7:30pm

• Open Mic Night w/ The Skeleton Krew, Cody’s, 8:00pm

• Tap Out w/ Josh Smith, The Tap, 9:00pm

Friday September 29th

• Abby Weaver, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 11:00am

• Katie Hodges, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 11:30am

• Tatum Shappley, Fox Park (downtown), 11:30am

• Kimberlie Helton & Jared Clayton, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, NOON

• Colton Flanagan, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 2:00pm

• Megan Jordan, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 5:00pm

• Abbie Bayless, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 6:00pm

• Southern Fire Band, International Rockabilly Hall of Fame, 7:00pm

• Music Stew, Mulligans, 7:00pm

• The Desolate, Ricochet Bar, 7:00pm

• Bryan Moffitt, LaRue Gardens, 7:00pm

• The Strays & Three Flights Up, Music on the Square (Bolivar), 7:00pm

• Rita McCaslin, Joe Wallace, & Steve Short, Flatiron Grille & Bistro, 7:30pm

• Skyelor Anderson, Redbones, 8:00pm

• Kimberlie Helton, Samuel T. Bryant Distillery, 8:00pm

• 5 Stories, Dana’s Place (Henderson), 8:00pm

• One Nyte Stand, The Mic Stand (Huntingdon), 8:00pm

• John Sutton, Blues Landing (Buchanan), 8:00pm

• Overdrive III, Ray’s Hideout (Bethel Springs), 8:00pm

• Firekid, Chester Co. BBQ fest, 9:00pm

• Tyler Goodson & The Farmers Market Blues Band, The Downtown Tavern, 10:00pm

Saturday September 30th

• Savanna Hinton, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 9:30am

• Mackenzie Graham, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 9:45am

• Daisy Lemmings, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 10:00am

• Hunt Pipkin, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 10:15am

• Candence Weaver, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 10:30am

• Sydney Thompson, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 10:45am

• One Nyte Stand, McKeller Sipes Airfield, 11:00am

• Chase Antwine, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 11:00am

• Lakelin Lemmings, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 11:30

• Karley Heinsohn, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 11:45am

• Derrick Brantley, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, NOON

• Tera Townsend, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 1:00pm

• Anna Faith Howell, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 2:15pm

• BJ Hedge Price, Chester Co. BBQ Fest, 2:45pm

• Zarin Tyler, Chester Co. BBQ Fest., 3:00pm

• Makayla Collins, Chester C. BBQ Fest, 4:00pm

• Willie X & Dylan Evans, Jackson Elks Lodge, 5:00pm

• Kimberlie Helton Band, Redbones, 8:00pm

• Desolate, Ricochet Bar, 8:00pm

• Overdrive III, Ray’s Hideout (Bethel Springs), 8:00pm

• Ray Lewis Band, Blues Landing (Buchanan), 8:00pm

• Josh Smith, Mulligans, 9:00pm

• One Nyte Stand, The Tap, 9:00pm

• The Bottom Line Band, Snow White Tavern, 9:00pm

• Steven Stewart, The Downtown Tavern, 10:00p

Sunday October 1st

• Allen Warren Band, Ricochet Bar, 10am

• NO TIME FLATT, Reelfoot Arts & Craft Fest, 1:00pm

Whether it’s an annual event or one of our great live music venues, experience the music which could only be “Made in Tennessee” found halfway between Memphis and Nashville in the heart of the Americana Music Triangle! Visit JacksonTN to connect with what is happening in Jackson and West Tennessee. Connect socially on Facebook and Twitter or call 731.425.8333.