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Red Hook serves up a Colorful, Tasty Experience

August 19, 2020

Red Hook image

If you’re hungry for a deliciously colorful and tasty seafood experience, then Red Hook Cajun Seafood at 363 North Parkway in Jackson, Tennessee is your destination! The restaurant has recently reopened with measures to ensure your safety during the pandemic.

Research, experience and “tasting” went into creating Red Hook. Owners, Joe Ng and Tony Zheng along with Daniel Ellington - foodies themselves - researched extensively by visiting a variety of Cajun seafood restaurants to find flavor profiles that work well together for their delicious entrées, appetizers and deserts. You will have an incredible taste in every bite with a balance of Cajun spices that bring out the best in seafood flavor! And just because Cajun is in the name, there is no need to worry about your food being spicy, as you can get order non-spicy all the way to extra spicy.

Red Hook’s owners have been in the restaurant business for over 20 years, owning an array of different restaurants. They have learned the value in producing good food at a reasonable cost, providing the best meals to their customers.

To complete your experience, an attractive atmosphere and layout rounds out the package. Years of surveying and managing various restaurants helped create the recipe for all of their attractive establishments in West Tennessee and areas as far as Texas. Many items are custom built for each restaurant, but the ingredients for a vivacious establishment with character never change.

Red Hook Cajun Seafood offers the complete package for food and entertaining - whether it’s with family, friends or business professionals. It has space to gather for meetings or parties, with an outdoor patio in the works; and is developing a full bar with beer, wine and mixed drinks.

Find out more about Red Hook Cajun Seafood at RedHookSeafood.com.

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