Thomas Media Serves Jackson, West Tennessee and Beyond

December 22, 2020

Chances are, if you're listening to a local radio station, you're listening to a station that is owned by Thomas Media. Thomas Media's vast lineup includes Star 107.7, WYN 106.9, 102.3 The Rocket, 96 KIX, and Hot 96.1. Between these five radio stations alone, over 70% of the Jackson, Tennessee population is reached every day, with around 130,000 adults daily. Factor in its websites, Facebook pages and digital platforms that reach increases dramatically.

Thomas Media began in 2000, when the owners discovered needs in the market area they could fill. Jackson was also poised to grow in a dramatic fashion over the next 10 years - which it did. A new radio group, Thomas Media, was formed that delivers to a larger share of the market than any other media outlet in the area.

Satisfying the listener's demands is only a part of the equation. Working with small to large locally owned businesses every day is very rewarding and fun, according to Thomas Media's Vice President and Manager, Chip Thomas. Chip says, "It is gratifying to help our clients find ways to grow their business and reach new customers they didn't even realize they were missing."

Add great on-air talent, sales, management and a wonderful office staff and you have a great team. But don't forget the community involvement. The stations and employees are heavily involved in giving back to the community and West Tennessee, helping hundreds of organizations, groups and individuals daily. There are many ways to help, from organizations talking live on any of the stations, to the on-air talent talking about their event, to the station broadcasting live at their event or posts about their event on one of the several Facebook pages or websites. And it doesn't stop there. Employees also volunteer at some of these events, as well, enhancing their causes in West Tennessee.

Jackson has been home to Thomas Media for 20 years. Vice President/General Manager Chip Thomas says that, "Jackson has everything in terms of amenities as most larger cities. We hope to strengthen our relationships with our listeners, advertisers and the community in order to serve West Tennessee even better in the years to come."

Find out more about Thomas Media on its website.