Food Trucks – Downtown

June 24, 2020

Food trucks have been an exceptionally popular trend for plenty of years now, but they’re even more relevant these days. You get to enjoy high quality food without having to worry about being in close quarters with a large crowd. Plus there are so many perfect ways to enjoy a food truck. 


You could grab a quick lunch to take back to the office when you’re having a busy day. You don’t have to worry with slow service or packing your own meal.


Or maybe get your meal and have a picnic on a nice day. The food trucks we’ll list on this post can be found downtown, so there are plenty of options for where to eat! You can go to one of the benches located around downtown, the outdoor seating at the Fox, or even over to the Farmer’s Market area to enjoy. 


Another great option is to visit the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning and get some food to enjoy as you walk through and check out the many vendors and entertainment that are set up under and around the pavilions.


Jackson has so many food trucks all over the city, so right now we're just highlighting a few that you can find in Downtown Jackson! They might move around, so check their social media sites for updates on locations, but they all come downtown, especially on weekends!


La Cubanita

This food truck serves authentic Cuban food including empanadas, fries, and tostones.

Farmer’s Perk

Start your mornings with specialty coffees and mini donuts. While this food truck moves around some throughout the week, you can be sure you’ll find them Downtown at the Farmer’s Market on the weekends!

Owl’s Nest

You can find this food truck at the Farmer’s Market every week from Thursday - Saturday. If you miss their delicious breakfasts, don’t worry because they have excellent lunches too!

Callahan’s Grill & BBQ

Callahan's is located on the corner of Chester St. & Royal St. With sandwiches, wings, catfish, and more, you certainly won't leave disappointed.