New Year, New Us

December 19, 2019

As the saying goes, “New Year, New Us.” Over the past year, we’ve had a lot of changes, but most notably, the addition of a new employee. Our city is growing and the need for tourism is growing, thus it’s only appropriate that our office grow as well. This year one of our goals is to put our name out there more. So as the new year comes around, allow us to reintroduce ourselves; a new “us.”


First and foremost, let me introduce our fearless leader, Lori Nunnery. She’s a total boss, literally. Lori is the Executive Director of Visit Jackson TN and has an impressive list of accomplishments and organizational involvement. She’s been in tourism for 9 years and just keeps getting better! She's an enthusiastic go-getter and has big plans for the future of Visit Jackson, and we’re excited to be along for the ride.


The next member of our crew is Paige Keith; she’s been with Visit Jackson for 4 years now. Not only is she the queen of sass, but she is also the creative of the group. She’s our Group Sales and Services manager. She serves as the face of Jackson at trade shows across the country and also as the star of the Jackson TN Weekend campaign (one of many products of her creative mind). Paige brings new people to Jackson and helps them see all there is to love about our wonderful city!


Last but certainly not least, the newest addition to the team, Madalyn Coffman. She’s a recent graduate of Mississippi State University and the only true Jackson native at Visit Jackson! Madalyn is the Visitor Coordinator, meaning she gets to talk to anyone and everyone who wants information about Jackson or help deciding what to do while here. As the new girl on the team, she’s always looking for new projects or ways to help promote the community. Though Jackson has always been her home, she learns cool new things about it all the time and loves sharing her knowledge with visitors and locals alike.


Now that you know a little about each of us, why don't we tell you what our goal is. We hope to positively impact our local economy and bring new faces to see and love Jackson like we all do. We try to provide you with anything and everything you would want to know about Jackson! We compile information about everything local, whether it's events, restaurants, attractions, or anything else. Between our visitors guide, our local events calendar, and our app, you'll get a comprehensive look at what's happening here in Jackson. Basically, we support our community and promote it to everyone else.


We are looking forward to seeing where the new year takes us next. You'll definitely be seeing more new content from us, so be on the lookout!

Happy New Year from your friends at Visit Jackson!