Public Education

Jackson-Madison County School System (JMCSS)

The best asset Jackson/Madison County offers to new and expanding companies is its workforce.  In Jackson-Madison County Schools, you will find academic excellence, quality programs, competitive sports, trained instructors, and students obtaining the preparation they need to become tomorrow's leaders and your future workforce.

Mission Statement:

To prepare tomorrow's leaders by providing a safe, caring learning environment, working in cooperation with families and the community and providing appropriate curriculum and effective instruction.

Shared Vision Statement:

That all graduates will be effective problem solvers and have acquired the knowledge and skills to be life-long learners and productive citizens.

The Jackson-Madison County consolidated school system has about 13,000 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in fifteen elementary schools, five middle schools and five high schools.

Magnet schools offer enhanced curricula addressing each school’s discipline of focus.  Each school has additional staff to provide expertise in these chosen disciplines.  Students experience a wealth of extracurricular activities which enrich the educational program. 

Click here to view the November 2013 Edition of Jackson Energy Autority's show, Front Row, discussing the Coding Program in the Jackson-Madison County School System. 

Private Education

Independent schools offer a variety of alternatives for area residents.  There are several private and parochial schools in Madison County.  Covering pre-school through high school education, they offer a range of programs through a variety of learning styles.  All stress outstanding academic standards.

Post-Secondary Education

The Jackson area's six accredited four-year and postgraduate institutions are an important part of the economic climate of the area. The availability of such varied higher education choices creates an extremely well-prepared workforce for area companies.

Community College/Vocational Schools

The Tennessee Technology Center (TTC) and Jackson State Community College’s Ned McWherter Center for Advanced Industrial Technologies are both located here in Jackson, with multiple satellite locations in the labor draw area.  In addition to their own quality programs, each works closely with existing and new companies to develop targeted training programs that are customized to the clients’ needs.  They provide opportunities for the highest quality technical and professional training for our service delivery area.