An Industry-Leading Regional Medical Center

Jackson’s quality and diversity of medical care stands out from other cities. The physicians, hospitals and other treatment programs attract thousands of people a day to the community. The anchors of the medical community are Jackson’s two hospitals – Jackson-Madison County General Hospital and Tennova Healthcare.

Many of the community’s physicians are members of The Jackson Clinic, the state’s largest private multi-specialty clinic with over 120 physicians practicing in every major specialty. The West Tennessee Physician's Alliance is an organization representing more than 100 physicians who practice in smaller clinics.

Jackson’s growth as a regional medical center began in 1950 with the opening of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. Hospital Corporation of America opened a second hospital in Jackson in 1974. The hospital moved to a new North Jackson facility in 1991 and was purchased by CHS-Regional Hospital of Jackson in 2002. In 2015, the name was changed to Tennova Healthcare – Regional Jackson to be more closely identified with the sister Tennova hospitals across Tennessee.

The medical community has been highly successful in attracting quality physicians. As Jackson began to offer more medical services, patients from all over West Tennessee who formerly went elsewhere for sophisticated treatment now turned to Jackson. Today, approximately 70 percent of General Hospital’s patients and about 77 percent of Tennova Healthcare’s patients come from outside Madison County.

The economic impact of the medical community on Jackson-Madison County reaches into the hundreds of millions. General Hospital is the largest employer in West Tennessee outside of Memphis. Together with its holding company, West Tennessee Healthcare, it has 5,500 employees and an annual payroll of over $260 million. Tennova Healthcare also injects $42 million a year into the local economy through its 1500 employees

Jackson-Madison County General Hospital

The flagship of West Tennessee Healthcare is a tertiary-care center with 635 total hospital beds and 416 physicians with medical staff privileges. Owned by the citizens of Jackson and Madison County, General Hospital has grown to become one of Tennessee’s largest and respected tertiary-care centers. It is the only tertiary-care hospital between Memphis and Nashville.

Tennova Healthcare

Tennova Healthcare is a 154-bed facility located in Jackson.  Services provided by Tennova Healthcare include: 24-hour emergency care, cardiac catheterization lab, cardiovascular unit, clinical laboratory, family birth center (including single room delivery concept), gastrointestinal lab, industrial/occupational services, medical intensive care unit, medical/surgical acute care, outpatient diabetes center, physical therapy, radiology, respiratory care, same day surgery, senior circle, sleep disorders center, and a women's imaging center.

Medical facts

Ambulances: 14 per shift
Dentists, orthodontists: 43 
Chiropractors: 15
Clinics: 33
Local HMO, PPO plans: Health Partners, West Tennessee Alliance for Healthcare, The Jackson Clinic, Southern Health Plan and Health Choice
Home health care agencies: 10 
Hospitals: 2
Number of beds: 787 
Nursing homes: 6
Optometrists: 35
Physicians: 650+
Rehab, counseling services: 12
Centers for the handicapped: 3
Speech, hearing services: 1