Lane College: ‘A necessary part of developing the citizens, workforce in Madison County’

By: Jackson Chamber on Nov 18, 2015

Dr. Logan Hampton, president of Lane College and a Jackson Chamber board member, speaks at First Friday Forum. 

. Logan Hampton was an ordained bi-vocational minister for most of his career before becoming the 10th president of Lane College. However, he says, the role of president and pastor are not so different.

     “The approach to leading a college is similar to leading a church, and my call to education is as strong as my call to gospel ministry.”

     Hampton fell in love with the historic Lane College campus years before he became its president. He spent a week every summer for the last few years sleeping in the Lane College dorms, eating in the cafeteria and listening to lectures during a yearly leadership conference hosted by Lane College.

     A campus saturated with history and the college’s mission of developing the whole student won Hampton’s heart, and the Old Country Store won his stomach. Hampton drove to Jackson a day early every year so that he could eat at the Old Country Store with his cohorts before the conference began.

      As the president of Lane College, Hampton is an ex officio member of the Jackson Chamber Board of Directors.                              

     His goal at Lane is to continue to tell the story of Lane College, a school created to train former slaves for the ministry that now offers an affordable, Christian liberal arts education as it develops the power of each student’s potential academically, socially and spiritually.

     Lane College has become a beacon to many individuals who would not have been able to afford or attend college, Hampton said. And, while Lane has made an impression on West Tennessee, Lane’s national footprint boasts 40 percent of its students coming from outside of the state.

     “Locally, Lane has become a necessary part of developing the citizens and the workforce in Madison County,” said Hampton. “Nationally, many students have been financed out or legislated out of the opportunity to get a college education; Lane College provides an affordable, Christian education that develops the whole student.”

     Hampton received his bachelor’s degree in biology at Arkansas Tech University, his master’s degree in student personnel services at Northwestern University and his doctorate from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.   

    He began his career as a program advisor at Texas Christian University and eventually became the vice provost of student affairs at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.

    Since becoming president of Lane College, Hampton has been most passionate about telling the story of Lane College, but he recognized that he would need friends and partners to help tell that story. The Jackson Chamber has come alongside Hampton to support both him and Lane College, he said.

    “The Jackson Chamber understood the mission of the college to develop the whole student. We are an institution for students who would not have access to college or an opportunity for higher education.”

    Specifically, the Jackson Chamber has lent its support to Hampton and Lane College with the development and oversight of the higher education round table. Through the round table, Hampton has become close friends with the other college presidents and higher education leaders in Jackson. Together, they believe they can all benefit from the community focus on higher education.

                  “The Jackson Chamber’s forward-thinking approach has lowered the walls between the higher education institutions,” Hampton said, “and now the rising tide of higher education will lift all the boats as we work together.”

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