Industry of theYear winner encourages chamber businesses to apply for awards

By: Jackson Chamber on Dec 09, 2015

Tennalum, a Jackson manufacturer, has won numerous awards from its parent company, but nothing can replace the pride of receiving the Jackson Chamber’s Industry of the Year award to energize hardworking employees, said Mark Lane, Tennalum plant manager.
“Winning the 2014 Industry of the Year award last spring provided our plant’s workforce with a sense of pride about their achievements,” said Lane. 
 The Jackson Chamber is again accepting applications for its Annual Celebration awards, which will be given out March 3 at Union University’s Carl Grant Events Center. Applications, which are available on the chamber’s website at, are due at 4 p.m. Jan. 4, 2016.
 Lane encourages companies to apply. The application process to receive the award is comprehensive, but not difficult to fill out, he said. “The application was very straight-forward and did not include extensive research in order to answer. We applied for the award because we wanted to portray the accomplishments of our plant within the local community.”
  The award also provided the added benefit of name recognition for Tennalum. Although the plant has conducted business in Jackson since 1989, many local residents are unfamiliar with their products, culture and community involvement, said Lane. 
 “The best parts of our organization were put on display when we won the Industry of the Year Award,” said Lane. 
 In January, a panel of judges will be reviewing the applications of local businesses and industries to declare the winners of the 2015 Annual Jackson Chamber Awards. These awards will recognize businesses for their hard work and contribution to the community. Businesses must be Jackson Chamber members and may only apply for one award.
 It’s important to note that the chamber staff does not select the award winners, said Alexis Long, Jackson Chamber Manager of Events. “The business award applications are sent to representatives in Middle and East Tennessee,” Long explained. 
 “We have created an award selection process that is unbiased. The selections are made purely based on the information that is given on the applications.”
 The business awards include the Business of the Year Award (1-49 employees), the Business of the Year Award (50+ employees), the Emerging Business of the Year Award, the Industry of the Year Award, the Non-Profit of the Year Award and the West Tennessee Healthcare Health and Wellness Award. 

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