Sunrise Recycling keeps electronic waste out of landfills

By: on Sep 15, 2016

Amie Chandler and Marus Chandler (center), owners of Sunrise Recycling Services LLC, receive the Outstanding Existing Business award from Ron Acree and Joel Newman with the Tennessee Small Business Development Center in Jackson.

Sunrise Recycling Services, founded by Marcus and Amie Chandler in 2010, has shifted its focus to electronic waste and expanded its territory to four states.

The company continues to provide curbside recycling services to about 300 households in Jackson, but Marcus Chandler said he has found more opportunities with electronics. The company’s footprint encompasses West Tennessee, as well as parts of Northern Mississippi, Eastern Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

“There are a lot of opportunities for us with electronics,” Chandler said. “That’s where the growth is because we can operate outside of the Jackson area.”

Focused on eliminating electronic waste, Sunrise Recycling collects old computers, VCRs, DVD players, gaming systems, MP3 players, fax machines, cell phones and other equipment. Electronic waste is the fastest growing category of solid waste in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

When the Chandlers began their curbside recycling service six years ago, electronic waste was a small part of their business. But they made a priority to understand it and raise community awareness. 

Chandler joined the board for Keep Jackson Beautiful where he helps promote community recycling events, such as the upcoming Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day on Oct. 29. He also works with schools, banks, hospitals, factories and universities to provide a free electronic recycling service that diverts waste from landfills.

“I’m trying to make this a business that’s good for us and the community,” Chandler said. “We actively seek, support and engage in activities that promote recycling. We want to educate our local community about the benefits of recycling, increase overall participation, and provide a service that is instrumental in preserving our environment.”

Electronic recycling helps to ensure that heavy metals are safely managed and valuable materials are reclaimed to be used in new products. Most electronics contain hazardous materials in their composition, such as bromine, lead, mercury, cadmium, PCBs and hexavalent chromium.

The compounds carry an increased risk of cancer and can cause multiple serious health issues. It’s important to keep them out of landfills to prevent toxins from leaching into the environment. 

“What’s more, e-waste that isn’t properly recycled or disposed of can inadvertently end up in our rivers and other water supplies,” Chandler said. “Therefore, keeping unused or discarded electronics out of our landfill is imperative for preventing pollution in our community.”

Sunrise Recycling has grown its staff from just the Chandlers in 2010 to seven employees. It also opened a new processing facility in Jackson in August and earned the Tennessee Small Business Development Center Outstanding Existing Business award at the Jackson Chamber’s Annual Celebration last spring.

Today, electronic recycling accounts for more than half of the company’s total business, and Chandler expects it to continue to grow. “We see a lot of opportunities, and we’re happy to be contributing to our community through something positive like recycling,” he said.

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