Tiger Jones Technology Park Earns Enterprise Status in Jackson, Tennessee

By: Megan Seals, Communications Coordinator, Jackson Chamber on May 13, 2014

Park Recognized as the First Data Center Site in Tennessee to Earn Designation

The 120.6-acre data center site located within Jackson, Tennessee, Tiger Jones Technology Park, has been designated as an Enterprise site and is the first to be designated in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) seven state region. The site is located in a private campus setting a half mile from Interstate 40 and offers commercial development nearby for employees to utilize.

The Tiger Jones Technology Park presents various layout potential with an on-site electric substation dual-served by the TVA 161 kV transmission system. The site is located in the center of a nine-county labor region with a population of over 300,000 and has a variety of workforce training opportunities including, four, four-year colleges and universities located in the MSA and two colleges of applied technologies, all of which offer CIS programs.

The Tiger Jones Technology Park earned the designation through the TVA’s data center site designation program. TVA hired Chicago-based Deloitte Consulting to identify and evaluate potential data centers sites in the 80,000 square-mile TVA region, which includes Tennessee and six other southeastern states. This enterprise site in TVA’s region is pre-qualified with attributes ready for enterprise data centers and technology companies. Selection criteria used in the designation process included accessibility, telecommunications infrastructure, electric power availability and reliability, and other characteristics beneficial to data center development.

“The Tiger Jones Technology Park is the first in TVA’s data center program to be designated as an 'Enterprise' site with the sufficient acreage and infrastructure required for large-scale data center development,” said TVA Senior Vice President of Economic Development John Bradley. “This site was evaluated by Deloitte Consulting and its strengths include excellent fiber connectivity, a low risk profile, and available, reliable power. These attributes mean it is fully ready to recruit large data centers.”

During the designation period, the site exhibited some of the most extensive and redundant fiber infrastructure observed by Deloitte Consulting group. The site offers two separate fiber system providers, AT&T and Jackson Energy Authority. Each provider has a ring configuration to the site and multiple PoP locations.

“For over 100 years, AT&T has been innovating and investing in Jackson to meet the growing communications demands of business and residential customers and we were pleased to be a part of Jackson’s successful recognition as the first TVA Enterprise Site across the seven state region,” said Kathy Sager, AT&T Regional Director.  “Our networks connect Jackson to people and businesses locally, regionally and globally and we are seeing data center proliferation to meet rising demand for advanced services and believe Jackson is well positioned to attract investment in this area.”

“Data centers have extremely high requirements for electricity and data connectivity,” said Jim Ferrell, President/CEO, Jackson Energy Authority. “The Tiger Jones Technology Park is positioned in an ideal location for a TVA Enterprise site due to the availability of redundant and reliable electric and fiber infrastructure.  We feel like our award winning electric and fiber systems position our community to meet or exceed the needs of a major data center facility.”

The growth of the internet, e-commerce and social networking has made information technology a part of daily life, and organizations continue to enhance data centers to meet ever increasing demands. Jackson recently brought technology education to its community that supports a data center. The Jackson Chamber teamed up with the Jackson-Madison County School System to offer computer coding classes, also known as CO:de Academy, to the high school students in Madison County. The CO:de Academy is an extracurricular activity in which students learn various aspects of computer programming, including website design and development, mobile app development, database programming and user experience. Students in the academy are increasing their competency in a growing field. This program will help prepare potential future workers for a data center setting.

“Having an Enterprise data center site in Jackson, Tennessee is a tremendous advantage for our community,” said City of Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist. “The TVA/Deloitte data center designation allows us to recruit for and market this site in a new, growing area.” 

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