ECD: No excuses with Megasite

By: Tyler Whetstone, The Jackson Sun on Sep 23, 2015

Randy Boyd stood in front of a standing room only crowd Tuesday morning just minutes after the state’s Economic and Community Development team showed community stakeholders the marketing plan for the Memphis Regional Megasite.

The state has a history of grabbing major manufacturing plants like Nissan in Middle Tennessee and Volkswagen in East Tennessee. Monday, leaders were shown an entire plan for “Mastered in Tennessee” in hopes that a similarly sized company would come to West Tennessee.

“We know we’ve got no excuses,” Boyd, the state’s ECD commissioner said about bringing a major company to the site. “We’ve got the great site, the great collaborative material, a great state of support — and so we’re excited about hitting the road.”

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**Come see the presentation at Quarterly Membership Breakfast, Friday, September 25 from 7:30 - 9 a.m. Chamber members only, RSVP

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