Why Join

Joining the Jackson Chamber and maintaining your membership could be one of the smartest business decisions you'll ever make. For a complete booklet of member benefits and an application, call Alexis Long at (731) 423-2200 or send an e-mail.

Prospective members can also find additional information by downloading a copy of the Membership Guide or click the button below to join now.

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  • Because I have a business stake in this community that can best be safeguarded by working with others through the chamber to protect and advance all business. It is only fair for me to support the chamber, since I reap benefits from its planning and actions.
  • Because my support yields manifold benefits, including: attraction of new industries and businesses, expansion of existing industries and businesses, improved health and safety, promotion of pro-business legislation, and community advancement.
  • Because I believe that the person who helps the community through active participation in chamber work will develop his or her own business and broaden their community contacts.
  • Because I realize every person owes a debt to the community that cannot be paid in taxes - a debt of personal service. Through the chamber I can fulfill my commitment to this community.
  • Because the chamber cannot carry out its broad program of work to protect and advance business without the personal service and financial support of its members.
  • Because the chamber unifies the public spirit of my community and directs it into useful and constructive channels.
  • Because the chamber helps formulate and express sound opinions on important issues that affect the welfare of my community.
  • Because organized business, functioning through the chamber, can be a highly effective, constructive influence for community betterment.
  • When a business becomes a chamber member, so do all its employees who may take advantage of nearly every benefit extended to the business.


30 percent of West Tennessee's workforce join Jackson's population each day from surrounding counties

80% - Percent of membership with 25 or less employees

A national study revealed that consumers are 80 percent more likely to purchase goods/services from a small business that is a member of its local chamber than from a non-member business.

The latest chamber membership survey revealed the following:

86.8% see chamber membership as important to their ongoing business.

Top service/product for their company - Networking opportunities, followed by community development

Primary reason for being a chamber member - Being a good corporate citizen, followed by networking opportunities and contributing to the community