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Chamber Annual Investment Structure

Individual Membership $125 (non-business owner, residential info only)
*Employed Based - Part time employees are to be counted as .5 full employees
1-5 Employees $275
6-10 Employees $335
11-15 Employees $385
16-20 Employees $435
21-30 Employees $485
31-40 Employees $535
41-50 Employees $585
51 and more $635 plus $3 each employee over 50
Professionals $275 for firm and one professional plus $75 for each additional (i.e. doctors, lawyers, CPA's, engineers, architects, etc.)
Non-Profit (by budget) $175 (under $1 million) | $275 (over $1 million)
Schools and Universities $275 for first 1,000 students and $.25 per student over 1,000
Full Service Restaurants $275 for 60 seats or below plus $1.00 for every seat over 60
Banks Based on deposits

Investment Worksheet:

General Information:

Chamber membership remains in effect until canceled in writing. Dues are nonrefundable. Ninety-seven percent of dues may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense and are NOT a charitable expense for federal income tax purposes. The Chamber is an advocate organization for business. Chamber dues are subject to change by action by the Board of Directors.

Mail application and payment to: Membership Department, Jackson Chamber, P.O. Box 1904, Jackson, TN 38302-1904.