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Industrial Electricity

JEA’s electric transmission and distribution system serves more than 35,800 customers.  JEA buys all of its power from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

JEA receives power from TVA at multiple 161,000-volt delivery points, as well as a 500,000-volt delivery point.  Maximum capacity from these delivery points is 498 megawatts.  The system’s recent peak load was 381 megawatts.

JEA has thirteen 46,000-volt transmission circuits over 67 miles of lines and nineteen 12,470-volt distribution substations, with a combined capacity of 680 megawatts and 645 miles of lines.  JEA also has nine 161,000-volt substations.

Based on the existing system capacity, there is ample supply for future customer growth.  As the system expands, more distribution substations will be added to maintain adequate supply and provide stability throughout the system.

JEA’s electric system is monitored continuously by a sophisticated computer system and by dispatchers 24 hr/day to provide reliable service and a quick response time.

The Authority offers a variety of rate structures:

  • Firm Rates
    • Large commercial and industrial customers can get competitive rates for firm power.
  • Time-of-Day Rates
    • These rates are attractive to customers with significant off-peak usage.  They provide:
      • Lower rates during off-peak periods of nights, weekends and holidays.
      • Higher rates during on-peak periods.
  • Interruptible Rates
    • Customers can contract up to 100 percent of total contract.
    • Interruptible rates available to customers with demands more than 1,000 kilowatts.
    • Both economic and reliability products are available.