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Industrial Natural Gas

The Authority’s natural gas system serves more than 20,000 customers.  Natural gas, supplied to the system through four Texas Gas Transmission gate stations, has an average heat content of 1,006 Btu per cubic foot.  It is distributed to customers through more than 685 miles of gas main, ranging in size from one to 16 inches. The distribution pressures range from four ounces to 410 pounds per square inch.  The overall system capacity for natural gas is over 50,000 deka-therms per day.  The Authority has long-term contracts with Texas Gas under which the pipeline must stand ready to transport 100 percent of Jackson Energy Authority’s firm gas requirements.

  • Sales Rates
    JEA has several gas rate options available.  General sales customers receive gas under a “declining block” rate per therm.  Large commercial and industrial customers also have a choice of an “index based” sales rate or an “interruptible” rate option.  Under the Index Rate, pricing varies by the month based on a posted commodity index price for the month.  Under the interruptible rate, customers are given a lower base rate in return for an agreement to interrupt their service if required under peak load periods.
  • Full Transportation Service
    Customers can receive full transportation service for firm or interruptible customer-owned gas.  Customers may purchase 100 percent of their requirements from “spot market” or long-term suppliers.
  • Customer Service
    JEA takes pride in providing quality service and customer satisfaction.  The type of natural gas service and specific requirements can be tailored to best fit each customer’s operation.  Gas rates are competitive and will be provided along with calculated energy cost upon request.
  • Established in 1995, Tennergy effectively meets the expanding needs of customers.  Tennergy manages the acquisition, transmission and storage of energy for customers throughout the state of Tennessee and surrounding regions.
  • ProGas Propane
    In July 1997, JEA entered into the retail propane business.  Since the initiation of the business, over 2,700 residential customers have become JEA's propane customers.  JEA maintains a tank storage field of 600,000 gallons.  ProGas will be glad to provide a quoted rate on the supply of propane.  Rates for metered service are firm throughout the year, being subject to change on September 1st of each year.  JEA also offers bulk propane service to industrial customers.