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Industrial Water

The Jackson community is fortunate to have an abundant supply of quality water from an underground aquifer.

About 32,000 metered customers are on JEA’s water system.  The Authority obtains its water from two well fields.  The existing wells in each field are capable of pumping over 25 million gallons per day.  Two modern water treatment plants have a combined capacity of 25 million gallons a day; the average amount pumped to the system is about 16 million gallons a day.  The system was built to serve the city with a Class 3 fire rating.

The water plants’ treatment process consists of aeration, filtration, corrosion control, chlorination, and fluoridation.  Eight million gallons of treated water are stored at the plants’ underground reservoirs.

The plants’ high service pumps move the water from the reservoirs into JEA’s 700 miles of distribution lines and 12 water tanks located throughout the service area.  The water tanks have a combined capacity of nine million gallons. This storage is used to meet system demands and fire flow requirements.

 JEA’s award-winning water system meets all state and federal regulatory requirements.  Laboratory tests are performed continually to insure that the highest quality water is produced for the community.

Water Rates:
JEA will be happy to calculate estimated monthly water charges based on an industry’s estimated consumption.  JEA’s water rates include the cost of fire flow capacity.  JEA also will conduct a fire flow test at a proposed plant site.