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Jackson and Madison County are well connected with the United States rail system through three railroad systems short line West Tennessee Railroad, and two Class I railroads - CSX and Norfolk Southern. West Tennessee Railroad connects Madison County via direct daily interchanges with both CXS and Norfolk Southern.


CSX is a Class 1 railroad with more than 21,000 miles of network track in 23 U.S. states, D.C. and Canada (Quebec and Ontario). CSX has a serving yard in Jackson, known as the “River Yard." CSX serves Jackson using trackage rights over the Norfolk-Southern line from the intersection with the CSX mainline at Milan, just north of Jackson.


Norfolk-Southern Railroad offers daily rail service to St. Louis, Atlanta and Chicago, and points beyond through mainline rail connections. The Norfolk-Southern line in Jackson is part of the main north-south line that runs from Mobile, AL, to Centralia, IL. The Norfolk-Southern line ties Jackson service into its main east-west line at Corinth, MS. Intermodal service is available in Memphis.

West Tennessee Railroad

The West Tennessee Railway operates over 180 miles of track moving 15,000 annual carloads with 12 locomotives. Its main switching yard in Jackson moves grain, metals, chemicals, paper, flour, frozen foods, plastics, building materials and other products to and from industrial sites served by the West Tennessee Railroad in West Tennessee counties. The management team is located in Jackson and is equipped to make local service decisions. The transloading facility in Jackson is a tremendous asset to the region. West Tennessee Railroad is a shortline railroad for Norfolk-Southern.


BNSF Memphis Intermodal Facility

  • The BNSF Memphis Intermodal Facility spans 185 acres and will have the capacity to handle one million lifts per year at full build out. 
  • The facility is equipped with eight wide-span, electric, rail-mounted gantry cranes, which produce zero emissions on site and will significantly reduce the number of hostler trucks needed to move containers within the yard.
  • The new Memphis Intermodal Facility also features a streamlined automated gate system for trucks as they enter and exit the Memphis Intermodal Facility, which uses digital cameras to record images of containers, chassis and tractors.
  • Drivers are also identified using a biometric system. These enhancements have increased security, while improving throughput, reducing truck idling time and emissions by 50 percent.

CSX intermodal Gateway Memphis

  • A $41 million intermodal terminal operated jointly by CSX and CN
  • The Intermodal Gateway-Memphis terminal is located at Frank C. Pidgeon Industrial Park. The 3,000-acre complex near the Mississippi River, south of downtown Memphis, that CN operates with CSX Intermodal opened in 2005.

Norfolk Southern Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility

  • The new Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility will be built on a 312-acre site in Rossville, TN and is expected to open in late 2012.
  • The $105 million terminal is a part of the Norfolk-Southerns multi-state, 2,500-mile and $2.5 billion Crescent Corridor program of projects to establish a high-speed intermodal freight rail route linking the Gulf Coast and the Northeast.
  • The terminal will have the capacity to handle more than 327,000 containers and trailers annually. It will utilize the latest in gate and terminal automation technology, which shortens the waiting time for trucks entering the terminal, thereby reducing exhaust emissions and improving truck driver productivity.