2019 Candidate Review

April 16, 2019

This e-brochure was developed and distributed by the Jackson Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Committee and our sponsors so that Jackson Chamber members can have more information about candidates’ positions prior to voting.

Candidates in the May, 2019 City Election were invited to respond to a question, as well as to provide short biographical information. Each candidate was instructed that he or she could use 75 words or less to answer the question. As we have done in the past, only candidates of record as of the Madison County Election Commission deadline, and who have not withdrawn from their races, are included in this brochure. The information shown for each candidate is the response provided by that candidate.



The question for all candidates is, “Our next mayor and city council will have the opportunity to move Jackson into a new decade. But progress comes with a price. In the past few years the city’s spending and income have not balanced, with our expenses requiring loans, dipping into reserve funds or reallocating tax dollars. What is your plan to balance the budget without stifling success?”

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