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Be-Smiley Shea Butter Bar: All-natural, Vegan, and Handcrafted Skincare 

Be-Smiley Shea Butter Bar is an all-natural, vegan, and handcrafted skincare brand that has called Jackson, TN its home since October of 2021. Be-Smiley Shea Butter Bar celebrated its grand opening this past March 2024. Designed to be a place where the community can gather and be their most authentic selves, Be-Smiley is dedicated to growing community in Jackson. Be-Smiley also volunteers with local non-profit organizations and participates in local forums. 

Owners Nina and Brigette Cross spoke about the creation of Be-Smiley Shea Butter Bar as stemming from a “three-generational vision.” The mother and daughter duo continue the vision of their nana, a woman who began creating her own shea butter to combat dry skin. Now, every jar of shea butter sports a “Be-” phrase that not only correlates with the product’s scent, but evokes the feeling of putting the butter on. 

“All our whipped body butters and emulsified sugar scrubs tell a story, and we are confident that our customers will resonate with it!” Cross said. 

The first Shea Butter Bar in town, Be-Smiley offers Jackson a new and exciting way to continue to grow the Hub City. Be-Smiley is dedicated to bringing awareness and visibility to the great city of Jackson through collaboration, interaction, and great product! 

“We love our customers and believe in our products. We are present for our community and would love to connect!” Cross said. 

Be-Smiley Shea Butter Bar is located on 1385 S Highland Ave. For more information, contact Brigette Cross at 731-249-0049 or visit 

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