Class 101 offers College Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities

June 15, 2020

Brenda Key
Class 101's newest associate, Bethany Key.

Dr. Nina Heckler, owner of Class 101, welcomes her newest associate, Bethany Key, who provides college planning services for students with learning disabilities.

Bethany Key spent several years teaching math at the college and high school level, including students in the REACH program who have learning disabilities that require a more personalized learning experience to help them better achieve academic success.

“Every student deserves to go to college, especially the students with learning disabilities who work so hard,” Bethany Key explains.

“This is the perfect addition to our college prep program,” Dr. Nina Heckler says, “Not only does Bethany have a gift for helping students with learning disabilities, but she also specializes in helping students who struggle with math.”

Class 101 of West Tennessee helps high school students go through the process of preparing for college while helping parents pay less for college. The goal of Class 101 is to empower and inspire students to achieve their college and career goals. To learn more, visit its or call 731-868-4688.