Dynamix Physical Therapy has Expanded to Jackson!

October 21, 2021

Trying to eliminate pain, increase mobility, or avoid surgery? Physical therapy may be the answer!

Since 2009, Dynamix Physical Therapy has been West Tennessee’s leader in elite physical therapy and sports medicine. In 2021, they opened their Jackson location. Dynamix Physical Therapy was started by Heath Ladd of Newbern and Russ Huffstetler of Greenfield when they reconnected after attending physical therapy school in Memphis. They wanted to offer something that was different. They provide comprehensive care by evaluating and providing a treatment approach that identifies the root of dysfunction and incorporate a hands-on approach to restoring full function.

     “Our therapists build relationships with our clients,” said Katie Jarvis, Public Relations Director at Dynamix Physical Therapy. “Once that relationship has been established, trust develops through ongoing communication between clinician and patient. We’ve noticed that after a client graduates from PT, they continue to visit, whether it is just to say hello or bring a sweet treat for the staff.

They have achieved these relationships with their clients because Dynamix is built around a team—a team with common goals, a common purpose, and a common 

mission: “To be the bright spot in our customers day while pursuing excellence in healthcare and service.”

As Dynamix has developed relationships with clients, they have also grown their practice to include offices across West Tennessee including Brownsville, Covington, Greenfield, Humboldt, Jackson, McKenzie, Milan, Millington, Paris, Trenton, Union City, and a soon to open office in Dyersburg. These multiple locations offer patients easy access to Dynamix’s unqiue treatments. Their clinicians do not just treat symptoms that are causing pain, but they assess patients and use specialized techniques, such as manual therapy and advanced dry needling. 

While the first location of Dynamix Physical Therapy was opened in Milan, being able to serve the people of Jackson with their services has been an exciting moment for them as a company. Dynamix Jackson’s clinic director, Kathleen Law Ingalls, is a Jackson native and was the leader they needed to open the Dynamix Physical Therapy - Jackson. They are so excited to now have roots in Jackson and look forward to getting even more involved in the Jackson community.


If you are looking for physical therapy services or more information on how physical therapy could help you, visit www.dynamix.life or follow them on Facebook or Instagram