October 2023

21OctalldayalldayGibson County Bicentennial Celebration


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Come out and commemorate two centuries of rich history and vibrant community! Established in 1823, Gibson County has played a significant role in shaping the heart of West Tennessee.
From its humble beginnings as a frontier settlement to the thriving county it is today, Gibson County has seen remarkable growth and development. The early pioneers braved the wilderness, forging a path for future generations. The county’s fertile lands became a hub for agriculture, with cotton becoming a vital economic driver in the late 19th century.
Gibson County’s history is etched with stories of resilience and unity. It weathered the storms of the Civil War, witnessing battles and witnessing the indomitable spirit of its people. The county emerged stronger, with communities rebuilt and an unwavering commitment to progress.
Over the years, Gibson County has embraced innovation, welcoming railroads, expanding industries, and cultivating educational institutions. Its towns and cities have thrived, becoming centers of commerce and culture. Today, Gibson County boasts a diverse economy, strong community bonds, and a quality of life that is second to none.
As we mark the Bicentennial, lets reflect on the achievements, hardships, and triumphs that have shaped our beloved county. Join us in celebrating our shared heritage, from the Native American tribes who first called this land home to the present-day pioneers who continue to propel Gibson County forward.
Come and be a part of history as we honor 200 years of Gibson County, Tennessee. Together, let us build a legacy that will inspire future generations.
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All Day (Saturday)


Trenton Court Square

1 Court Square