May 2021

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Event Details

Piano Music, The Blacksmith, 4:00, Jackson
Folk Music, Old Country Store, 6:00, Jackson
Emily Ann Meaole, Redbone’s, 6:00, Jackson
Johnny Mac, Blues Landing, 7:00, Buchanan
The Skelton Krew (Open Mic), Cody’s, 8:00, Jackson
David Thomas & James Hayden Nichols (Open Mic), The Tap, 9:00, Jackson
Andrew O’Rourke, Fat Daddy’s, 1:30, Dover
Piano Music, The Blacksmith, 4:00, Jackson
Kelso Mojo (acoustic), The Blacksmith, 6:00, Jackson
Derrick Brantley & Micah Baker, Clifton Marina, 6:00, Clifton
Frankie Marlar, Freddy T’s, 6:00, Counce
Myatt, Short & Parky, Wine Down @ Crown, 7:00, Humboldt
A Little Hostile, King’s Palace, 7:00, Memphis
James Greer Band, Bootsie’s Dance Barn, 7:00, Gadsden
Various Artists, Music on the Square, 7:00, Bolivar
Fault Line 155, Foreman’s, 7:00, Paris
Tatum Shappley, Freddy T’s Rooftop, 7:00, Counce
Will Burton, Elks #192, 8:00, Jackson
Colton Flanagan Band, Redbone’s, 8:00, Jackson
Midnight Point, The Sunken Ship, 8:00, Counce
Johnny Mac & Friends, Blues Landing, 8:00, Buchanan
Paul Jones (Open Mic), The Fish Ponds, 9:00, Medon
Jason Childers & Dillon Keith, The Tap, 9:00, Jackson
Exit 56 Bluesfest (Various Artists), West TN Delta Heritage Center, 10:00, Brownsivlle
The Cliftones, Clifton Marina, 12:00, Clifton
Legacy, Fat Daddy’s, 1:30, Dover
Mays N Doc, Clifton Marina, 2:00, Clifton
Memphis Yahoos, Covington on the Square, 4:00, Covington
Brandon Lewis, Hub City Deli, 6:00, Jackson
TBD, The Blacksmith, 6:00, Jackson
Electric Gumbo, Discovery Park, 7:00, Union City
South’rn Sounds, Main Street Country, 7:00, Humboldt
Mississippi Queen, Clifton Marina, 7:00, Clifton
Lonnie Stump, Freddy T’s Rooftop, 7:00, Counce
One Nyte Stand, Redbone’s, 8:00, Jackson
Kelso Mojo, Pickwick Sports Bar, 8:00, Pickwick
A Little Hostile, Tapp’d, 8:00, Dyersburg
Andy Lundberg’s Day Off Band, Blues Landing, 8:00, Buchanan
Midnight Point, The Church Street Pool Room, 8:00, Union City
Ethan Torsak, Mojo’s, 8:00, Dyersburg
Fault Line 155, Locals Bar & Grill, 8:00, Springfield
Dixie Mafia, Freddy T’s, 9:00, Counce
TBD, Pine Ridge, 9:00, Medon
Paul Jones (Open Mic), The Fish Ponds, 9:00, Medon
Memphis Yahoos, The Tap, 9:00, Jackson
The Cliftones, Clifton Marina, 12:00, Clifton
Ethan Torsak, Fat Daddy’s, 1:30, Dover
Elly Campbell, Clifton Marina, 3:00, Clifton
Fajita Brothers, Blues Landing, 7:00, Buchanan
Mark Adams, Freddy T’s Rooftop, 7:00, Counce
Colton Flanagan, Big Cats, 7:00, Lexington
Memorial Day Observance Ceremony, Shiloh National Military Park, 11:00, Shiloh
The Cliftones, Clifton Marina, 11:30, Clifton
Crossfire, Carroll County 1,000 Acre Lake, 6:00, Huntingdon


May 27 (Thursday) - 31 (Monday)