Jackson Chamber is a Memphis Business Journal ‘2020 Best Places to Work’

February 12, 2021

Jackson Chamber announces it is a Memphis Business Journal's (MBJ) ‘2020 Best Places to Work.’ In an employee engagement survey conducted by Quantum Workplace for MBJ in Memphis, Tennessee, Jackson Chamber’s employees praised the organization, earning it a ‘2020 Best Places to Work’ title. The chamber is listed as one of eight '2020 Best Places to Work' in the Micro Businesses category (10 - 20 employees) through this nomination process.

In the survey, businesses receive a rank based on employee responses. Responses must be in the top percentage to capture a 'Best Places to Work' honor. According to an MBJ article about the Jackson Chamber, “A sign of a vibrant company is a happy and engaged staff. Let’s just say that the Jackson Chamber’s score on this matter is off the charts.”

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