Keeping the Wildlife in the Wild

March 29, 2021

Who do you call in West Tennessee if you need an animal removed from your house or commercial structure? The answer is Wildlife Prevention & Repair (WildlifePR). The company, known for its bird and animal removal, also provides various services, including needed repairs to structures.

Owner Clint Cary grew up working with wildlife. Over the years, Clint and his wife, Trista, served customers with bird and animal removal. During this time, they found a need for adequately sealing structures to keep these unwelcome visitors out.

There are many reasons to seal a structure. Whether it's for health concerns or cosmetic concerns - birds, bats and animals have a way of affecting both when they move in. Bird and animal droppings also carry many diseases. Employers need solutions to keep employees and consumers safe and healthy, and residents need the same for their families. These concerns over diseases and human health have further established the wildlife control industry as legitimate and professional.

The team will also install preventive measures to stop problems before they start. Bird control solutions are another area of expertise offered that has become very popular for commercial and residential clients, along with an increase in snake removal.

WildlifePR also offers a diverse array of services on top of removal and prevention. The team provides additional services after an animal has invaded a location. Included are attic cleanout, odor control provisions, insulation services, crawl space work from animal damage, gutter cleaning and almost any repairs from wildlife damage. The company provides bird netting and other deterrents to keep birds away. If your problem involves any wildlife and has a solution, this team can handle it.

WildlifePR began as a part-time business, receiving its first Animal Damage Control permit in 2006 from the state. In 2012, it became a full-time business. During this time, Wildlife Prevention & Repair has provided training and lectured at various seminars for different groups, including Bass Pro Shops. It has performed training and lectures in Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, and Kansas.

WildlifePR's clients range from residential homes in all types of settings to commercial buildings of all sizes. WildlifePR services them all. The team may be removing squirrels or a raccoon from an attic one day, and installing bird preventive measures to a commercial building's signage or front entrance the next.

"As a small business, it's our desire to please our clients that sets us apart," says Cary. "We take a lot of pride in our work and in doing a great job to make our clients happy." He also states they love being close to Jackson, Tennessee, because it's so diverse.

This family business will be happy to take care of your family or business! Clint's wife, Trista, usually answers the phone. He adds, "She's put up with me and followed me all over the Eastern U.S. doing this, so she knows more about wildlife problems than most. We are definitely a family business."

For more information, visit the website at, email or call 731-415-6043.

Installing bird netting to keep birds out.

Bird netting after instal.

Aaron, employee, getting the mole removal season started.

Installing dig barrier around porch to keep skunks out.