Looking For Live Music, December 6 Weekend

December 6, 2018

Looking for live music this weekend? Jackson and West Tennessee are home to numerous live music venues and special events over the December 6th weekend. Thanks to our friend Matt Barnacastle and the Jackson Area Music Society for sharing the weekend's live music events!

Thursday December 6th      

  • Jackson Area Plectral Society, Old Country Store, 6:00pm
  • Shannon Cooke, Redbones, 6:00pm
  • Open Jam, Elks Lodge 192, 7:00pm
  • Tyler Goodson, Downtown Tavern, 7:00pm
  • John Berry, The NED, 7:30pm
  • Open Mic w/ The Skeleton Krew, Cody’s, 8:00pm
  • Open Mic w/ Dave Thomas, The Tap, 9:00pm
  • Backroad Therapy, Slide & Ride 2, 9:00pm

Friday November 7th

  • Jordan Skoda, The Damwrights, w/ Leather & Lace, The Dixie/Court Square (Huntingdon), 5:00pm
  • Brandon Lewis, The Blacksmith, 6:00pm
  • Hutcheson Brothers, The Coffee Shop (Humboldt), 6:00pm
  • Southern Fire Band, International Rockabilly Hall-of-Fame, 7:00pm
  • TBD, Mulligans, 7:00pm
  • Karaoke, Main Street Country (Humboldt), 7:00pm
  • Andy Avery, Redbones, 8:00pm
  • Karaoke w/ Amethyst, The Office Lounge, 9:00pm
  • Forked Deer Homeschool Parade & Volk, Downtown Tavern, 9:00pm

Saturday December 8th  

  • Tyler Goodson, The Blacksmith, 6:00pm
  • Killing Time, Main Street Country (Humboldt), 7:00pm
  • Tumbleweed Band, Reagan Dance, 7:00pm
  • Lady Sundown, Flatiron Bistro, 7:30pm
  • Bryan Moffitt, Redbones, 8:00pm
  • TBD, Mulligans, 9:00pm
  • Colton Flanagan Band & Backroad Therapy, The Tap, 9:00pm
  • Brandon Boyd Lewis & Rum Brown, Naked Turtle, 9:00pm
  • Stumpwater w/ Shelly Fannin, Ricochet Bar, 9:00pm
  • Eric & Brittany Wood, Downtown Tavern, 10:00pm

Whether it’s an annual event or one of our great live music venues, experience the music which could only be “Made in Tennessee” found halfway between Memphis and Nashville in the heart of the Americana Music TriangleVisit JacksonTN to connect with what is happening in Jackson and West Tennessee. Connect socially on Facebook and Twitter or call 731.425.8333.

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