MY Jackson TN

March 23, 2020


In seeking to update Hospitality & Tourism professionals in Jackson, TN as to COVID-19 resources, we have developed a Facebook campaign entitled "MY Jackson TN."

Travel, tourism, and hospitality-related businesses are at the heart of what we do at Visit Jackson TN! We are aiming to keep spirits up and post positive messages as well as resources for partners to use.

We as an industry are on the front lines. Our primary goal is to share verified sources of information as it relates to the hospitality industry.

Secondly, we seek to be an encourager for not only our our partners, but also to inspire our community.

We are also aiming to help the community find ways to support local businesses by sharing any and all information we have at this time. *See flyer below to see our suggestions*

We are inviting hospitality professionals to:
• share funding ideas and resources for small businesses and employees
• share and celebrate our community's spirit, acts of kindness, and inventive ways to engage (such as live music streaming, virtual live tours, and virtual tip jars)

Check out the Facebook campaign HERE.



If you have questions or want to be added to the group or have information to share, call 731-425-8333 or email