NEXTAFF gives Unique Approach to Hiring Talent

December 17, 2019

Lisa Meyers, president/owner of NEXTAFF in Jackson and Erica Mount, Staffing Specialist are shown left to right.

NEXTAFF is not your typical staffing and recruiting business. The company takes hiring to the next level by making sure personality, skills, dependability and integrity all fit your company through testing and interviewing. NEXTAFF in Jackson opened its doors in April 2019, becoming the first facility in Tennessee. The core belief is “The greatest power in any business is people power. No matter how much potential your business has…no matter how good your product or service might be…the thing that will determine the success or failure of your business is the effort and the dedication of the people who make up your business ‘team.’”

President/Owner Lisa Meyers of NEXTAFF in Jackson saw a need in the administrative and health care industry for business support services and workforce in the West Tennessee region. Her area of service includes Nashville to Memphis and Paducah, Kentucky. With 18 years in management - eight of those working in the employment staffing industry - and a strong desire for helping businesses succeed with strategic talent management, plus her entrepreneurial spirit, she opened the doors of NEXTAFF in Jackson. Her prior experience in customer service, recruiting, sales and upper-level management gave her a foundation for fulfilling business needs and establishing relationships for future business growth.

NEXTAFF specializes in health care, professional, administrative and light industrial staffing, and recruiting. The group will also go the extra mile for your business by sorting through stacks of resumes and condensing them to a more manageable, qualified stack.

One way NEXTAFF helps companies identify, evaluate and acquire quality talent is by using its proprietary X-Factor process. X-Factor is a customized set of hiring and screening tools developed with its clients that helps deliver a higher quality candidate. For example, these screenings could be a combination of the integrity test, cognitive test, and personality test - to name a few. These are arranged in a specific order to produce specific results.

For Meyers, results also include a passion for improving business operations in her community. This drives her involvement in various community programs. She was just announced as the new president for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) 2020 and currently holds positions with area nonprofits including the West Tennessee American Heart Association (board member), Lexington Civic League, Relay for Life-American Cancer Society, Henderson County Chamber (ambassador), along with volunteering for First Baptist Church where she worships in Lexington, TN.

Future plans for NEXTAFF include opening offices in various locations across West Tennessee. For more information, visit the website or call Lisa at 731-271-5677.