Pratt Industries Celebrates 3M Hours Without a Lost Time Accident

August 30, 2017

Around 250 attended the celebration that included employees and their families.


Pratt Industries celebrated working over 3 Million hours without a Lost Time Accident at the Jackson Bowling Alley and Fun Center on August 12. This excellent accomplishment shows the high standards of safety within the facility and its care and concern for its employees.

A lost time accident is an OSHA recordable incident in where an employee is unable to return to work based on an injury/illness event on the job. Pratt industries and its team members have insured the safety of its workers by engaging all employees to watch out for each other, continuous training and providing daily reminders for safe operating methods, procedures and PPE to deter such incidents.


Employees and their families enjoyed go-carts, games, bowling and more.


“The Pratt Humboldt family takes great pride in our each others’ welfare and well-being,” says Jeff Coleman, general manager. “You work safely for the spouses and children who had such a great time at this event.”

Food, fun and prizes were also enjoyed by the group.


85 employees and family members (250 total attendees) enjoyed activities from bowling to golf, go-cart racing, food, various games and all activities provided by the center.

Coleman says, “In June 2018, we look forward to a 10-year celebration of No Lost Time Accidents.”