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Leadership Jackson

Leadership Jackson’s 13 week program is designed to identify, motivate and professionally develop emerging leaders from a cross section of the community to help them develop their potential for community leadership by exposing them to the realities, opportunities and challenges in our community.

Mission of Leadership Jackson

It is the mission of Leadership Jackson to strengthen our community by empowering engaged leaders, inspiring servant leadership and developing community trusteeship. 

Leadership Jackson was developed by the Greater Jackson Chamber in 1979 to build core leadership for West Tennessee – training young leaders to get involved and to identify people for a fast track to leadership. Being intentional about leadership development accelerated Jackson to creating informed, connected and passionate leaders who could step into active community roles. 

After visiting several other communities that had already developed leadership programs, Leadership Jackson specifically for Jackson – combining the best aspects of leadership programs from across the South. A committee compiled key elements of the community that became the curriculum for the program. In 1995, C.O.P.E, which exposes people to team building, problem solving, and communication skills, was a major addition to the opening retreat of the program. It continues to have a huge impact on the development of class dynamics. 

WHO is Leadership Jackson for?

Leadership Jackson is for individuals in our community who demonstrate leadership potential.

WHERE is Leadership Jackson held?

Leadership Jackson begins with a C.O.P.E. weekend, and then continues each Wednesday for twelve consecutive weeks, with sessions being held throughout the community.

WHEN is Leadership Jackson held?

Leadership Jackson begins each September, ending with graduation in December.

WHY have Leadership Jackson?

Leadership Jackson is an opportunity to better understand our community and the challenges it faces and to prepare for those challenges.

WHAT happens after I am nominated?

After submitting an online application, a peer group of Leadership Jackson alumni will interview all applicants from mid-July through mid-August. Those selected for the upcoming year’s class will be notified immediately after interviews and selections are completed.

WHEN do you meet and what are the topics discussed?

Leadership Jackson meets weekly on Wednesdays beginning in September through mid-December. A two-day opening retreat is mandatory to participate in the program. Please check the Program Schedule included on this site.

HOW do I nominate someone or apply?

Review the nomination process, fill out our nomination form and send it in. Only one application will be accepted per company due to the large number of applicants. Applicants must be employed with a member of the Greater Jackson Chamber. Forms can be completed online beginning June 1st. Questions? Contact Lauren Saliba.

Annual Schedule

Leadership Jackson has many important dates throughout the year. Below, you will find a printable calendar with a schedule of events for the 2024 Leadership Jackson Class.

Leadership Jackson Rules and Regulations

The Leadership Jackson program was created to be intentional and proactive about creating informed and engaged leaders for our community. To be and to continue to be this high quality program, the program has a high standard of guidelines and expectations for each class member.

Nominate or Apply for Leadership Jackson

Nominations are submitted by employers who have identified a rising star within their business or organization that may benefit from participation in the program, or, if you are the primary decision maker, you may self-nominate. 

If you are the primary decision maker or a business owner, you may nominate yourself or have a peer or Leadership Jackson alumnus to nominate you for the program. If you are not the primary decision maker, we strongly suggest you have your immediate supervisor nominate you for the program due to the time commitment and cost involved to participate. (Check into the policy for your particular company/organization for approval to make sure you follow protocol.) Discuss your interest in applying for Leadership Jackson, how it can benefit your employer and then have your supervisor complete your Nomination Form. 

Only one application will be accepted per company due to the large number of applicants. Applicants must be employed with a member of the Greater Jackson Chamber.