Six Degrees Of Tennessee Music Pathways Featured In Rolling Stone

September 25, 2018

Seven genres of music call Tennessee home—and that means the state is bursting with significant music history. Tennessee Music Pathways connect you to the people, places and genres that make Tennessee the Soundtrack of America. From the largest cities to the smallest communities, this state-wide program identifies, explains, and preserves the legacy of music in Tennessee. Whether it is a story of the past, a star of the present, or the promise of the future, Tennessee Music Pathways let you follow the music. launched the Six Degrees platform, in partnership with Rolling Stone, which allows music fans to enter any music artist to see their connection back to the state of Tennessee in six degrees or less.

The Pathways’ online platform already includes more than 300 points of interest, including attractions, existing historic markers, birthplaces, resting places, hometowns and locations of Tennessee’s musical pioneers and legends as well as music venues, entertainment districts and festivals where visitors can enjoy live music experiences every day.

For more information on the timeline, how you can help us tell these local music histories, and how to submit assets to be considered for inclusion on the Tennessee Music Pathways, please visit the website  and tell the story of Tennessee music for the world to hear.