Sacred Adornments: A Non-Traditional Fine Jewelry Piercing Studio

February 23, 2023

As the first fine jewelry piercing establishment in West Tennessee, Sacred Adornments is a very non-traditional studio. It is closer to a spa experience, where clients feel accepted, safe, and welcome in a non-intimidating environment.

“I started my first business, Bombshell Ink, in Trenton,” said Alexandra Hardee, Owner and Artist. “It has blossomed and grown so fast and we have been waiting for the perfect location in Jackson to open up and we finally found it!”

Located at 217 E. Main Street in Downtown Jackson, Sacred Adornments is the sister studio of Bombshell Ink.

“We debated about keeping the original name, but ran across an article that read, ‘Have you ever considered the act of adorning yourself as a sacred act? A ritual. Something to be done with the intention to cultivate beauty that radiates outward from within all day… When you consciously choose to adorn yourself with jewelry, clothes, or even scents that make you feel beautiful, you glow. You radiate from within and that radiance is contagious and you share it with everyone else in your day. We humans have been adorning ourselves since the dawn of time. From ceremonies to special occasions, why not make every day just as meaningful with the act of sacred adornment.’” said Alexandra. “This is our goal for everything we offer and so the name Sacred Adornments was born.”

The Downtown Jackson location specializes in permanent makeup, including eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip blushing, fine line tattoos, permanent jewelry, and custom ear styling,
They offer only 14k gold and titanium jewelry options, as well as custom chains. Through these specialized services, Alexandra is also able to give back to the community.

“I donate areola restoration tattoos to women that have survived breast cancer,” said Alexandra. “This donated work has been featured in the newspaper and Allure magazine. It is my most rewarding service.”

“We are loving the direction that Jackson is moving in especially Downtown Jackson,” mentioned Alexandra. “To be in the newly created Downtown Arts District has been a huge goal of mine, and I’m so excited to be here.”

For more information on Sacred Adornments, visit or contact Alexandra at