SBDC receives significant award loan referrals

July 12, 2018

SBA District Director La Tanya Channel and JSCC President Allana Hamilton present Ron Acree and Joel Newman with the SBA Resource Partner of the Year Award.

Jackson State Community College’s Tennessee Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has been named the SBA-Tennessee Resource Partner of the Year Most Loan Referrals Award recipient for 2018. The award was presented on Thursday, July 12 to college president Dr. Allana Hamilton by Small Business Administration (SBA) District Director La Tanya Channel.

The TSBDC is a network of centers across the state working to assist small business startups through classes, seminars, advising, and business loan referrals. According to SBA Deputy District Director Shawn McKeehan, this is the first time this award has been distributed. The criteria are based on the referrals sent in for small business loans through each individual center.

Jackson State’s TSBDC Director, Ron Acree, says this award is significant not just for the school but for West Tennessee. Small business loan referral rates are among the highest in the state, even surpassing those in more metropolitan areas and is a strong indicator of small business development and growth in the area. “We’ve seen an influx within the last year, and we’ve been able to help start-ups and existing businesses get loans more than ever before,” says Acree. “It makes our job a lot better when we can help them and see the results of the referrals.”

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